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Ken Vs Terry Ken Vs Terry

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This movie sure brings a few good laughs but the fighting could be worked on. For the background, I like the first background with the moon, I think you could have used that instead of the other one you used for the actual fighting stage. When Ken and Terry were fighting, I think there was an overuse of the same sound and graphics, a variation could make it a whole lot better. The ending felt a little abrupt but I guess it was okay. Overall this was a pretty good sprite movie despite the decent fighting it had. There's a potential for a sequel such as involving a different character.

Area 51 - Beginning Area 51 - Beginning

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It gives me the chills!

Good music, sound, and graphics. You have potential to make part 2 of this movie a lot better. Some areas you can work on is animating more on the background, adding a few more details and improving the animations. Although I noticed that you animated the light particles, more of this kind of details can really add to your movie! I also like how you have voices, it made this movie more alive. The chime sounds in the beginning set the mood gave it a scary movie feeling, although it was a little slow it didn't hurt the movie too much. Oh and I was wondering why there were blood stains in the Alien tank ( don't they clean it?) and they used tape to put the information on the alien, being Area 51, a top secret and advance agency, you would expect they be more advanced and clean. Anyways, keep up the good work and I didn't think this was too short if this was a series like Area 51 - The Spread, or some sequel like that. Good luck on your future movies!

My First Flash Animations My First Flash Animations

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Don't give up!

This is a start. I see that you were experimenting with some effects and voice overs, but I know that you'll learn how to improve, eventually!

Aqlex responds:

And I have! I didn't give up xD

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Inquisitive Dave Inquisitive Dave

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just like the old days

Flash games for awhile has been topping old NES games by the advancing programming of Flash and Action script codes. But in truth, creators of Flash games are advancing and making better games these days too. This game reminds me of the classic games of NES and Super Nintendo in which the goal of the game is simple using a simple game play. This game is enjoyable, but I can't help but say I was a little stuck in the beginning and the use keyboard buttons only added to the frustration, but once I got a hold of it things went on smooth. Speaking of smooth, I know that you're trying to make the old simplistic pixelated look, but I can't help myself but say that using smooth vector graphics in flash wouldn't have hurted your purpose of making this look like an old console game. Some of animations and graphics could have been done better even though the pixelated look may have held it back. Sometimes the game felt too quiet (except at the beginning when the explosion occured) so I would say it could have used more interactive sounds when you check something. In addition, occasionally I would forget what item I got and I wish I could click on the item and check what the item is or where I got it from. Overall, I enjoy this simplistic game that brings back old memories, a simple yet slightly challenging game that will make the player wonder what each object in game has to say.

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StoneAge Sam StoneAge Sam

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well Done

I like this kind of casual games in which it involves just clicking, no rush whatsoever although there's a bonus timer. The visuals were nice, music fitting, sound clear and nto to mention the voice of Sam was well done. The only level I had a harder time was when you have to please the woman because I kept thinking she was satisfied with the flower, then with hitting the wall. Although the first level was the hardest one because you have a higher chance of dying. I wish the game was longer but I think it would have dragged on if it was, so it's all good. I like how the last stage combines all the elements from the previous stages. I can't help to think whether the movie 10,000 BC influenced you to make some aspects of the game, like the saber tooth tiger. Overall it was an entertaining game, I expect more games of this kind in the future.

The Key Master The Key Master

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good game to learn how to type fast

I like this game how it looks like a shooting and plays like a typing game. It's quite a unique idea actually, I haven't seen it done before. Although ti was challenging to type really fast and catch up with the incoming monsters at the Grandmaster level, I had trouble sometimes looking at the words when it was covered by an item or a neighboring goblin, but it's probably just me not typing fast enough to get rid of it in the first place. I think this game can be made harder by including other typing characters, numbers and Capitals, but that would just be too hard. The point is to keep it simple and fun right? I think it achieved that.

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Canon (Soft-trance remix) Canon (Soft-trance remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Classic, Remixed.

This is one of my favorite classic songs and you did a good job blending the classic and the new (trance). It's really a good variation from hearing orchestra version. This sure has a nice happy beat to it and still retains the original canon notes. I'm surprised no one used this song for their flash movies yet.

Far Far Way Far Far Way

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It was good

Don't listen to what that other guy said, he obviously doesn't know anything about music.